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Unnacustomed Acquaintances 
Brooklyn Draper
10-minute work
Choreography: Brooklyn Draper
Commissioned and Restaged by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company: June 15, 2018, at Ragan Theater, Orem, UT
Performers: Performers: Skyler Bell, Jon Fox, Jocelyn Smith, & Alyssa Richardson
Music: Dustin O'Halloran & Mike Wall
Lighting Design: Zach Lambson
Costume Design: Brooklyn Draper & Jessie Heaton
"unaccustomed acquaintances" is based on the anxiety and pressure we put on ourselves when engaging in social activities. How is this anxiety and stress shown physically in a way that we may not be aware of in the moment? I think this awkwardness and realness is actually really beautiful and in a sense shows who we are deep down, but only those who are paying close attention will actually understand.
Other performances
Original Cast
Premiered December 8, 2017, at the Hayes-Christensen Theater in Salt Lake City, UT
Performers: Nicholas Gibas, Samijo Kougioulis, Chang Liu, & Cameron Mertz
Music: Dustin O'Halloran & Mike Wall
Lighting Design: Rebecca 
Costume Design: Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
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