The Wallflowers
Brooklyn Draper
17 minute work
Choreography: Brooklyn Draper
Premiered: on November 15, Hayes-Christensen theater, Salt Lake City, UT
Performers: Micah Burkhardt, Cameron Mertz, Tori Meyer, Georgia Patterson, Emma Sargent, & Veronica Sharam
Music: Dustin O'Halloran, Drum solo for Billy Cobham, & Mike Wall
Lighting Design: Cole Adams
Costume Design: Brooklyn Draper & Stephanie Jones 
Set Design: Brooklyn Draper & Isaac Taylor
An investigation of how logic can be formed utilizing randomness in the choreographic process. How can random movements begin to form meaning once they are placed in relationship to one another? Perhaps the outcomes of the things that we see occurring around us are complex, but maybe the laws concealed under them are quite simple. "The Wallflowers" are a quirky family of siblings. An eccentric family. A family that is willing to share its collective sadness, discovered identities, tensional relationships, and the
drive to just keep going.
Other performances
To be performed for American College Dance Association Northwest Conference, University of Utah, March 2019, Kingsbury Hall (Salt Lake City, UT)
Performed at 12 Minutes Max (monthly performance series featuring short works by artists in many disciplines). October 2018, Salt Lake City Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT). Performed under the title "The Reynards"
Performed at Mudson (works-in-progress series modeled after Movement Research at Judson Church). September 2018, Marmalade Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT). Performed under the title "The Reynards."
Performed for Thesis Proposal at Marriott Center for Dance. May 2018, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT). Performed under the title "The Reynards."