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State Room with The Weekenders
by Erica Womack
Brooklyn Draper

"Despite the strong link between her choreography and The Weekenders songs, Womack sees the performance relationship between the dancers and the musicians as more of a visual push and pull.  There are even moments of stillness built into the choreography so the audience can turn their attention to the natural, unplanned movement of performing musicians. “I have always been fascinated with how musicians move, in dance we talk about if you are going to use a prop you have to really explore it, and I think rock bands totally do this.” (15 Bytes)




Premiered: April 29th, 2016, The State Room (Salt Lake City, UT)

Choreography: Erica Womack

Performers: Brooklyn Draper, Amy Falls, Jamie Tew Meyers, & Bashaun Williams

Music: The Weekenders




Brooklyn Draper
Other Performances


Performed as part of 12 Minutes Max (monthly performance series featuring short works by artists in many disciplines), Salt Lake City Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT)




Performed as part of Mudson (works-in-progress series modeled after Movement Research at Judson Church) Masonic Temple (Salt Lake City, UT)




Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper

“In many other shows that I have been involved in I have hoped that people would understand my intent, or see my skill and hard work,” Womack says. “But with this show I want everyone to be jamming to the music and see how kick-ass my dancers are.” (15 Bytes)



Erica Womack

Erica Womack holds her BFA in dance and art history from the University of California, San Diego and her MFA in modern dance from the University of Utah. She has been teaching dance courses and choreographing at SLCC since 2011, and lives with her family in Salt Lake City. She dances and choreographs in independent performances, in Sugar Space and other venues around Salt Lake City.



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