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Brooklyn Draper


My physical practice, which is ultimately embodied in performance, has been one my most intimate areas of research. Embodying diverse concepts, dynamics, and physical milestones have been a crucial portion of my career as a dancer who has worked with many choreographers. This practice also influences my research in dance science, collaboration, pedagogy, and choreography. Within the last two years, I have implemented Laban/Bartenieff principles into my physical practice. These principles have brought about a personal research into how Body, Effort, Shape, and Space can assist the many diverse physical and performative qualities that have been asked of me on stage.

Photo by MotionVivid


-Certified Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLBMA), Salt Lake City, UT & Berkeley, CA, 2016


-Performed professionally in choreography by distinguished choreographers (see CV)


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