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For The Time Being
Brooklyn Draper
11-minute work
Choreography: Brooklyn Draper
Commissioned by: Repertory Ballet Ensemble, Utah Valley University
Premiered: February 8, 2018, Ragan Theater
Performers: Samantha Abrahamson, Eric Ascione, Brooke Bennett, Caitlin Brophy, Bethany Clauch, Madeline Compas, Tabytha Ewy, Aelacia Grimes, Hannah Higgs, Rachel Miller, Jessica Oedewaldt, Mattea Rogers, Alexandria Sorensen, Brittany Talbert, Sierra Williams
Music: Mike Wall, Brian McBride, & Adam Wiltzie
Lighting Design: Aaron Gubler, Zach Lambson, Colin Skip Wilson
Costume Design: Brooklyn Draper & Stephanie Jones 
Commissioned for Utah Valley University's Repertory Ballet Ensemble as a part of their "Dance out of Glass" production. The concert was based on the university library's "Roots of Knowledge" stained glass windows, a 10-by-200 foot piece of art made up of 80 windowpanes and more than 60,000 individual pieces showing the history of human intelligence (see link below). "For the time being" was based on the final panel and inspired by the connectivity and tensions of humankind.
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
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