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Brooklyn Draper


My current choreographic research investigates how logic can be formed out of randomness through utilizing playfulness in the choreographic process. Perhaps the outcomes of the things that we see occurring around us are complex, but maybe the laws concealed under them are quite simple. I am interested in how abstract entities are essentially irrelevant, but it is when they are placed into patterns that relationships and relevance occur.

Photo by Chang Liu



1) The Wallflowers

10-minute work for 6 dancers


To be performed at American College Dance Association Northwest Conference, May 2019, Kingsbury Hall, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)


Performed at 12 Minutes Max (monthly performance series featuring short works by artists in many disciplines), Salt Lake City Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT)


Performed at Mudson (works-in-progress series modeled after Movement Research at Judson Church), Marmalade Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT), titled


Performed for Thesis Proposal at Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), titled


2) Extraordinary Artist Award for Exceptional Artistry, Creativity, and Innovation in the work, “unaccustomed acquaintances.” Awarded by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company, 2018 (Orem, UT)


3) unaccustomed acquaintances

10-minute work for 4 dancers

Restaged by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company, Ragan Theater (Orem, UT)


Performed at This: A Graduate Salon, Hayes-Christensen Theater (Salt Lake City, UT)


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