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Bon a Tirer
Brooklyn Draper
9-minute work
Choreography: Brooklyn Draper
Commissioned & Restaged by: Flatlands Dance Theatre
Premiered: on April 2, 2016, Firehouse Theatre 
Performers: Ashley Anderson, Allison Beaty, Chelsea Bohny, Celeste Delgado, Leslie Gomez, Sarah Mondle, Kris OLson, Kattie Reed, Molly Roberts, Sarah Sabin, Rebecca Seitz
Music: Soundscore by Brooklyn Draper, Mike Wall
Lighting Design: Becca Venable
Other performances
Original Cast
Commissioned by: Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company
Premiered: 2013 Covey Center for the Arts
Music: Sound Design by Brooklyn Draper
Lighting Design: Zach Lambson
Costume Design: Jessie Heaton & Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
Brooklyn Draper
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